Clean Water

Requires funds. Let’s get them the clean water they desperately need.

100% of Funds

Go to children in need.

For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in...

100% of funds go to children in need

Nebo Children’s Fund ensures all of your contributions go directly to prequalified foundations that support children in need. Your generous donations help to provide for high-risk children who would otherwise not have access to the basic nutritional, physical, emotional and medical  necessities. Your support truly makes a difference for the one.

Peace Transitional Home in Uganda

Peace Transitional Home in Uganda

About Peace Transitional Home Peace Transitional Home is a Christian non- government organization operating in Kalagala- Luwero District, Uganda- East Africa. They take care of abandoned children, between 1 day old to 5 years. Many of the children are found abandoned...

Kidron Children’s Orphanage

Kidron Children’s Orphanage

Taking Care of the Orphans in Uganda Kidron Children’s Orphanage in Uganda takes care of children, as young as one year old, who have lost their parents, to help bring hope where there was none. These beautiful children lack fundamentals like shoes, clothing and...

100% of Funds go to Children in Need

None of the money you donate through the Nebo Fund goes to administrative fees.
Every single dollar goes to supporting the children and providing for their basic

Your contribution qualifies as a deduction

The donation you make through Nebo’s non-profit organization, founded in the US,
will be tax deductible. A benefit you could not get when donating directly to the
orphanages overseas.

We have been helping kids for 35 years...

The founder of Nebo Children’s fund is Gerald Nebeker, the CEO of RISE a non-profit
organization, which has been supporting children with disabilities and their parents
for well over 35 years.