Peace Transitional Home in Uganda

About Peace Transitional Home

Peace Transitional Home is a Christian non- government organization operating in Kalagala- Luwero District, Uganda- East Africa. They take care of abandoned children, between 1 day old to 5 years.

Many of the children are found abandoned in pit latrines, garbage heaps, taxi parks, churches, people’s gates, or left by the side of the road. Many of these children are left vulnerable as a result of natural circumstances, for instance death of one or both parents or poverty-related issues that breed desperation among parents. Some children get rejected by their families for small body deformities and treatable medical conditions. Some have lost both parents as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Peace Transitional Home provides these small children with Shelter, Food, Health Care, Clothing, Child care 24/7, and Quality Education. They emphasize on children being molded and nurtured under family values, which they believe is an avenue for which right and proper morals of life are instilled, through foster care, resettlement, and adoption.

So far, Peace Transitional Home depends entirely on donations. But long term, however, they would like to be able to run the home largely independently. Until that happens, help is still needed. 


At this point in time, apart from the children’s beds, the home is very sparsely furnished or not at all. They are in need of furniture, housewares, water tanks, pavers and play ground for the children.  Their most immediate goal, however, is to hire a nurse as soon as possible in order to facilitate the necessary medical care for the children and regular check-ups. They would also like to employ a nursery teacher to provide the necessary training to the children.