About Nebo Children’s Fund

“We rose out of a need. These children are in an impossible situation.”

Gerald Nebeker
Founder, Nebo Children’s Fund

Nebo Foundation was the Brain Child Gerald Nebeker, the CEO of RISE Inc. RISE is a non-profit company that serves people with disabilities across the Intermountain West.

The idea to create this foundation rose out of a need for individuals in the United States to have the clearest path possible to be able to use their generous donations to benefit some of the world’s most humble orphans. We generate a receipt from within the United States, instead of directly from the countries in which the donations are made so you can get a tax deduction.

Because the individuals here in the US are willing to provide money for these orphans in what often seems impossible situations, we wanted to make sure those donations could be tax deductible and insure the children in these countries get as much support as is possible. Otherwise, most often the donations they make to these orphanages in other countries do not have tax benefits and many of these accredited orphanages may not get the critical support they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does My Donation Work?

The donation you make with Nebo Foundation goes directly into a bank account in the United States and then we transfer the money via QGiv, a contact free service to send cash from one bank account to another. Besides the small fee the QGiv service requires, there are no other overhead fees. We also give you an option to pay the service fee at the check out, if that is easier for you.

Do You Collect Fees?

Nebo Does not collect any overhead fees, as we do not have any administrative costs.

How Does Going Through Nebo Make a Tax Deduction Possible?

As a company based in the United States we are able to give you a receipt that will be tax-deductible, otherwise you’d be donating overseas and there would be no tax benefit.

How Do you Know Which Orphanages Have the Greatest Needs?

The orphanages are vetted between the Nebo Foundation and an advisory board. Once the donations Nebo’s advisors consult, it is determined where to send the donations based on greatest need in the adoption agencies.